Missionary Tours

In service of Missionaries and Charity workers

Missionary tours are an appreciation of missionaries and charity workers in understanding their sacrifice just to make the world a better place. They risk their health, wealth, families and even their own lives.

Young mothers programme

A volunteer talks to young mothers in a women ministry programme

Some get killed by the very people they are helping, while others lose their lives in an attempt to save lives. I salute all of them and celebrate all the fallen heroes.

Whether you work with the poor/hurting, apostolate work, Evangelization, discipleship, supporting orphans, the physically challenged, human rights groups or any charitable organizations having or starting development projects in Kenya/Tanzania or Uganda, give us a chance to partner with you in matters concerning missionary tours, travel, flights, logistics and any other ground work Assignments.

Children Ministry

The children ministry volunteer programme

Choose us because we understand you, your needs and your work ethics. We arrange placement for people who want to volunteer, organize home stays, reserve for you cheap hotels/hostel (clean and up to standard), cheapest flights from our partner airlines offering missionary fares for local and international destinations. These specials and discounts are only for groups, missionaries and charity organizations.

Our mission is to facilitate short and long term mission trips, to those who aim to reach the urban/rural poor people of the third world community.  We have qualified personnel to handle the transport and accommodation arrangements for short and long term mission groups allowing them to focus on medical camps, visits to urban poor ministries and on site visits to community projects. We partner with local churches, Non- governmental organizations and act as a link to the opportunities for community work while on visit here.

Classic World Ventures offers affordable missionary Tours as well as cost effective and memorable holiday experiences. After hard work change would be good for rest, adventure, leisure, a weekend getaway or for your vacation. We specialize mainly on Religious, Cultural, Study and Historical Tours.

Fort Jesus Mombasa

Fort Jesus Mombasa is one of the historical sites to visist.

Our tour programs are tailor-made to people who want to visit sites with significant religious ties in history to deepen their knowledge about the early Christianity in Africa. You will also increase your faith and better understand the purpose of God for mankind. E.g. you may want to visit with us where Kenya’s first European visitors Germany missionary and explorer Ludwig Krapf, first established a mission in August 1846. Ludwig Krapf highly contributed to naming Kenya in the 19th century. For this and more contact us for free information.

Besides missionary tours, we offer tours and travel services such as; Holidays Packages, Lodge safaris to Maasai Mara/ Amboseli, African holidays & travel services, customized luxury adventure wildlife safaris to East, North, and South Africa and other world safari destinations.

We aim to meet your safari expectation by offering high quality customer friendly services which are Affordable, adventurers & memorable, to all customers from all over the world. Our professional and customer oriented specialists have the best knowledge about the industry. Our primary goal is to keep our customers satisfied and happy during their vacations. This has resulted to good and lasting relationship between us and our customers. We have managed to maintain a warm, and more important, a personal relationship with our customers and we are extending our friendship to you

We started missionary tours in service of missionaries and charity workers three years ago and we continue today and to all ages to remain faithful to our mission.


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